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Re: Latest Gay Celebrity Outing

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So, does DalekJim call you on the phone whenever he gets in an internet argument? It's just uncanny how fast you show up to help him out every time.
Online chat, actually. And there's usually a fair amount of posts he usually goes through in a debate and I read with no intention of entering before I see something from someone that I find so ridiculous I can't help but comment on, this time being the idea that there's something wrong with DalekJim simply because of the number of people who told him he's wrong and later because of the implication that due to his terminology, DalekJim lied about his personal life.
Well there's one of my favorite quotes from Justified:

"Run into an asshole in the morning , well, you ran into an asshole. Run into assholes all day long, guess what? You're the asshole".

Which is basically what DalekJim is being told.
Baby, you and me were never meant to be, just maybe think of me once in a while...
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