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Re: Latest Gay Celebrity Outing

DalekJim wrote: View Post
What intent? I just said I'd done gay stuff. I wasn't trying to hate monger in some incredibly subversive, unconventional way by using that term. That's just how people fucking talk.

I'm done because this is bonkers. Fucking bonkers. I'd apologise for any offence caused, but I'm not. Anybody offended by me describing my male sexual experiences as "gay" acts is just milking my tolerance-nipples raw to feed their own feral ego.
Good night and good luck.

Nagisa Furukawa wrote: View Post
Why the fuck do you keep bringing up "the community"? He's obviously not part of any kind of community; he's just had same-sex experiences. Finding other people who share similar interests and forming a community/sub-culture can be a great and empowering thing, but when people start doubting someone else's experiences because they didn't use the same words as you, it's no different from the exclusionary Cool Kids bullies of high school movies.
No bullying here, just making an assessment based on what I've seen in this thread. He is free to explain what he meant, and I would listen to that explanation. Instead, he's chosen to throw a fit. That is his prerogative, of course, but it doesn't help him.

teacake wrote: View Post
I don't see how saying, "I've done gay stuff" is any different than saying "I've had some same sex experiences". It sounds a little more down to earth really.

And I can totally see a gay person saying "I've done straight stuff". It just means you've been there but it's not your main identity.
To me, "I've done gay stuff" sounds like "I've got black friends," which is something I often hear from people like my quite racist extended family when they wish to justify behaviors and statements that can be seen as bigoted or ignorant.

I could be wrong, of course, and I'm always open to the possibility that I am wrong, but that is what I've assessed by reading this thread.
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