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Re: Art Bell returning to (Satellite) Radio!

BillJ wrote: View Post
Never heard of him.
Thanks for your valuable input! Keep up the quality posts.

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I never could get Coast to Coast back in the day. I always wanted to, but never could. Now, it comes on my local radio station and I listen to it sometimes. I used to watch X-Files religously all the way through the 7th or 8th season when Mulder left. I used to be devout to the UFO phenomenon, now I still watch UFO shows on TV, but I just don't buy into it as much. Anyway, I still enjoy UFO stuff and conspiracy stuff because its entertaining and it gets me thinking. I still enjoy this type of programing, but I can't afford satellite radio, so I'll just have to stick to regular radio.
I'm pretty sure there is at least a 30 day free trial over the internet if you sign up for it. At least you could get in on the excitement of the new show for the first month for free.

gblews wrote: View Post
This news broke a few weeks ago. I wish he was coming back to regular radio and competing with Noory, who I think is one of the biggest dummies on two feet. I finally gave up listening to Noory after the NSA privacy story hit the news. Every night afterward, night after night, the conspiracy nuts were allowed to run rampant on the show. That, the politics, food and health stuff just drove me away.

Art, IMO, is actually a smart guy and very entertaining. I'de love to be able to hear him again every night. But I hope his return dosn't mean his family has broken up. Last I heard, he was living in the Phillipines his wife and little girl. Hopefully they are all together, no matter where they are situated.
Yeah the story broke a few weeks ago, I was surprised that there was no mention of it here so I decided to post about it. Better late than never. I agree with you that George Noory is a TERRIBLE host. One of the worst radio hosts I have ever heard in my life. He has zero credibility and it's a shame what he's turned the show in. Art has taken a few subtle shots at him through the years, too.

Art is back in Pahrump Nevada with his wife and little girl. He will once again be broadcasting from the high desert out of his home. Sirius built a studio in his house.

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The anti-vaccine rants are going to get people killed. Art was never part of that scene.
Yeah Art always brought a dose of common sense in between all the theatrical weirdness. It was always about entertainment to him, not preaching or political agendas or telling people how to live.
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