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Re: Constellation Class: Excelsior "back-up" plan?

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The "back-up" concept idea comes to me at least more from things like: Conventional CVs being built along with the first CVN, or how the Royal Navy built both a paddle wheel corvette and a screw-ship when they were building coal fueled cruisers, or the conversion from coal burning ships to oil burning destroyers.

The Constellation in that respect is so much doubling up and overbuilding to get the same result as the new fangled Excelsior seems to me to make sense in that regard. Even if eventually they were given different mission profiles and continued to be built in parallel.
Yeah, I was trying to think of the two competing steam warships being built by two rival firms during Victorian Age England. Also, during this time, turret vs broadside ironclads were being built as well.

So we got the transwarp drive experiment ship, the Excelsior, vs the quad, rotating warp drive concept ship, the Constellation. I wonder if the Constellation, herself, had a bare hull in comparison to the production model Constellation which would have all the extra gribbles and other stuff on it.

Though after the two respective experiments were done, that the two designs stopped being competing ones and became production ones with each separate mission profiles.
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