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Re: Fact-Checking Inside Star Trek: The Real Story


I think you might have an opportunity to answer a question some people have.

Folks sometimes wonder exactly what the point of contention was regarding the IDIC dialogue that Roddenberry wanted inserted. Was it pages and pages of stuff? Was it just a couple of lines? How much did it actually bog down the script? The Final Draft, dated July 16, 1968 had indeed been a bit longer than what was finally shot, but I think Roddenberry was too good a scriptwriter to get too bogged down in something that isn't going to further the plot much--even if it might have been somewhat self-serving. Folks can judge how far overboard the IDIC scene might have been. (The scene is the same dinner scene with Doctor Jones.)


Busy with the search for expressing her thoughts, Miranda's
hand touches the medallion pinned to Spock's breast.
She touches it carefully, as though identifying it.
McCoy sees the fleeting gesture her hand makes on contact
with the medallion. He is very intent on her action.

Spock pulls back, afraid he may have scratched her.


Forgive me. I forget that dress
uniforms can injure.


No, I was merely looking at your
Vulcan IDIC, Mister Spock.
(looks up,
Is it a reminder that as a Vulcan
you could mind-meld with the
Medeusan much more effectively
than I could?
(to the others,
but smiling)
It would be most difficult for a
Vulcan to see a mere human take
on this exciting a challenge.

(to Spock)

Interesting question. It is a
fact that you rarely do wear the


I doubt that Mister Spock would
don the most revered of all Vulcan
symbols merely to annoy a guest,
Dr. Jones.

(to Miranda)

In fact, I wear it this evening
to honor you, Doctor.




Indeed. Perhaps even with those
years on Vulcan, you missed the
true symbology.

The triangle and the circle...
...different shapes, materials,
textures...represent any two
diverse things which come
together to create here...truth
or beauty.
(indicating the
parts, looks up)
For example, Doctor Miranda Jones
who combined herself and the
disciplines of my race, to
become greater than the sum of

Kirk can see Miranda isn't fully sold on Spock's intentions
...he changes the subject.


Very interesting, I might even


(At this point the scene picks up as aired.)
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