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Re: All Trek Caption Contest 5: Especially The Lies

Picard: "Ok, this is why specifically, you're not supposed to wear polyester when you use the transporter!"

Crusher: "The transplant was a success. You have each other's faces."

Riker: "Superlative, let us never speak of this again. Doctor, Numbah One."

LaForge: "Something's up with the cavitating plasma regulator coupling."

Riker: "Well there's your problem. It says 'Made In The USA'."

Kirk: "Yes, hello my good fellow. My name is-"

Spock: "I.C. Weiner, Captain."

Kirk: "Thank you Spock. My name is I.C. Weiner, and I would like to order 12 pizzas with everything. If you could deliver them to the residence of Captain Styles..."

Bashir: "I can't believe the Cardassians have never heard of air conditioning."
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