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Re: Has "NCC" Ever Been Explained On Screen?

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I'd never heard that before, but I like it. That'd mean by the original thinking the Connies should have all been 1701-1712. Of course, the USS Constellation was an error (I never understood why they didn't rearrange the registry number to read NCC-1710).
Legibility, I imagine. The number NCC-1701 was chosen in the first place because it was an easy number to make out even with the vagaries of image degradation in FX shots, broadcast interference, tiny '60s TV screens, etc. Given those considerations, 1710 may have been deemed too similar-looking to 1701 to be easily distinguishable, whereas 1017 is much easier to recognize as a different number. Although, granted, the Constellation was pretty recognizable due to being so badly damaged.
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