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Re: Watching Trek...Higher Than A Kite!

The Way to Eden first aired when I was 18 and sober (preacher's kid). I hated it because of the beat-you-over-the-head morality tale with space hippies. The religious aspect with Eden, Adam, and the apple didn't bother me at all. It was those stupid space hippies and the ""rock songs".

Every freaking show was doing episodes like it at the time. I liked rock and roll, I had my first AM radio at 11 (1962 to save you the arithmetic) and I kept it on the top 40 station. I heard Dion, Bobby Rydell, Bobby Vee, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Dave Clark Five, all that stuff. But whatever the space hippies were playing wasn't rock music.

Under the influence? When I had all the tapes, that was one I rarely played, so I can't say. I tried to watch Skip, but it's just too painful.
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