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Re: Has "NCC" Ever Been Explained On Screen?

King Daniel Into Darkness wrote: View Post
I liked how the old Heavy Cruiser Evolution Blueprints explained "U.S.S." -

United Federation of Planets/Starfleet/Starship.
Say, that's pretty good.

Christopher wrote: View Post
Except we don't know what the intent was during TOS, since they didn't have the budget to depict any Starfleet ships of different classes, and thus it never came up.
Quite so.

Christopher wrote: View Post
All the ships in the "Court-Martial" repair chart have been subsequently interpreted as Connies (first by Greg Jein, then by the ST Encyclopedia which copied Jein's list), but I doubt that was the original intent. Given that there were only supposed to be a dozen Connies in the fleet, it's vanishingly unlikely that ten of them were under repair at the same starbase at the same time. Plus, we know that Jefferies intended "1701" to mean the first vessel of the 17th ship class, so numbers like "NCC-1831" and "NCC-1672" on the chart would've represented different classes by Jefferies's thinking. So I think the intent probably was that those various NCC numbers applied to ships of various different classes. Thus, there would have been no change in intent in TAS and after.
Agreed. What I meant was, that it was possible that it changed sometime during TOS, later reflected by the Huron in TAS. Regardless, I think you're right that if Jefferies did make that diagram, and if Jefferies had previously conceived the 17th class, 01st model schema by that time, then indeed it would seem to be the case that those could be nothing but ships of another class.

I remain uncertain as to precisely when this rationalization was developed, though, or if everyone knew about it. But as you say - the Jein rationalization just doesn't make sense.
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