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Re: Latest Gay Celebrity Outing

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There's literally ZERO reason he needed to come in here and shit on this actor's coming out other than to bash him.
I don't see how my post was any less valid than anybody else's. If people disagree then that is fine, but calling me a homophobe because I'm skeptical of one celebrity's actions is not a nice way of debating, and is a fuckton more confrontational than my criticism of that bloke off of fucking Prison Break.
I'm calling you a homophobe because of your entire repertoire, not just this. You want to establish that you're not, try not having a kneejerk negative reaction to anything involving gay people in threads for a while. Then I might reevaluate my opinion.

Also, you're just annoying in general, so that tends to amplify the harsh feelings I have towards you. You might just be the Diet Coke of homophobia, but in the little world of TrekBBS, you're a giant irritating mosquito that's always pecking at me, so it adds up.
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