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Re: Latest Gay Celebrity Outing

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There's literally ZERO reason he needed to come in here and shit on this actor's coming out other than to bash him.
I don't see how my post was any less valid than anybody else's. If people disagree then that is fine, but calling me a homophobe because I'm skeptical of one celebrity's actions is not a nice way of debating, and is a fuckton more confrontational than my criticism of that bloke off of fucking Prison Break.

I am not a homophobe, nor have I ever said anything homophobic. I have respected Orson Scott Card's right to free speech, and acted skeptical regarding the actions of one celebrity's tabloid antics. This equates in Locutus's mind as homophobia, and he is entitled to his opinion. I just don't want people that I perhaps actually like and respect reading his bullshit claims that I am frequently homophobic, and believing them.
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