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Re: Latest Gay Celebrity Outing

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It's amazing how for being someone who allegedly has nothing against gay people, you're always Johnny on the spot when it comes time to make the most negative assumptions about them possible
You're really playing that card?
What card would that be? The Orson Scott Card? You already earned that one by criticizing anyone who dared to boycott a treasonous, bigoted piece of shit. The "calling you out on your constant baseless negativity toward gay people card"? Yeah, I guess I am playing that.

Hell, I've even done gay stuff myself.
Mazel tov. So have the guys below. What's your point? That's like saying you have black friends, so therefore you can't say anything racist.

Calling me a homophobe for giving my opinion on a publicity event? How that fuck is that acceptable? I'm tired of you thinking you're above every forum rule just because you're a moderator.
And I'm tired of you constantly shooting your mouth off about shit you don't know, and almost always in the most backward, intolerant, annoying manner possible. You're an endless negative drain on discussion across the board.

A moment of research here could have shown that his reason for coming out was tied to the anti-gay events in Russia, but you felt the need to make some smug, snide, ignorant remark at his expense because that's all you ever do.

Even if you hadn't done the research, what the fuck business is it of yours to judge the manner and time he chooses to come out in? Let's say he did do it for some publicity. So the hell what? He works in a field revolving around publicity. Getting publicity for himself and his chosen cause can help other gay people. Why the fuck does it bother you so goddamn much that you feel the need to insult the guy over it?
- There are stories about what happened.
- It's true. All of it. TNZ, Hulk, ModMan. They're real.
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