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Re: Dark Territory: Staring Into The Abyss


Thanks again for reading and commenting. I'm glad you liked the Glover and Sisko reconciliation. I wasn't sure how to write the scene. I knew that their friendship had to remain intact at the end so I didn't think having Glover read him the riot act was going to work. Yet I didn't want Terrence to let Benjamin off the hook either. I wanted the incident to leave some lasting marks.

As for Sisko, it took me a minute to warm up to the character too. I liked Avery Brooks right off the bat, even though I thought he had some acting quirks, but Sisko as a character didn't really come together for me until the fourth season. Basically when Avery Brooks was allowed to shave his head, it felt like he grew more comfortable in the role and the writing for him got better. He expanded as a character.

I did enjoy going back to the Sisko with hair for this story though. I thought he was a fascinating character to build a Trek series around. I just hope I didn't impugn his character by what I had Sisko do or not do in this story.

************************************************** **************

One Month Later…

Bantaca Retreat
Ashalla, Bajor

“I’m bored.” Lt. Nyota Dryer leaned forward in her seat and yawned, stretching her full athletic frame. Captain Glover, sitting poolside, appraised the gesture appreciatively, the PADD in his hand forgotten. The trim chocolate woman nearly bulged out of her lime green bikini top. Nyota caught him leering. She swiped playfully at his knee. “And no I don’t want to do that either.”

“Well you did just say you were bored,” Terrence grinned.

“I think we should’ve just stayed on DS9,” Dryer intimated.

“I thought the fresh air would do you some good,” Glover replied. “I mean, come on, you’ve got to admit this is a beautiful view?” The hotel had been built around Ashalla’s bantaca, the ancient spire that had once been at the heart of the city. The concierge had told Terrence that Bajorans, ancient and modern, built their cities around the obelisks.

Though the provisional government now met on the other side of town, the city’s businesspeople had thought it best to build a new hotel for offworlders near one the capitol’s most revered landmarks. They were high up enough nearly to gaze the crown of the venerable architectural marvel. In the distance they could see the Grand Avenue of Lights, which was admittedly more impressive after sundown.

Nyota shrugged, “Seen one spire, seen them all,” she admitted and Glover found her honesty refreshing.

In truth, he just found her refreshing and he was ecstatic that she was here with him, complaining or not. Last month, during the final confrontation with the Borg, the captain had feared he lost her. But thankfully Nyota had only suffered a concussion. Mr. Tunepp had been more seriously injured, but was on the mend. Other crew members, including Ensign Ximenes hadn’t been so fortunate.

“I guess quiet contemplation just isn’t your scene?” Glover playfully asked.

Nyota looked down at him, pursing her lips, “You know how I roll.”

He nodded, pursing his own lips. “You bet I do.”

“You’re starting up again,” the security officer warned, wagging her finger. “Haven’t you ever heard of too much of a good thing?”

“Never,” Terrence replied with a straight face.

“Besides you aren’t actually taking a break yourself,” she said, pointing at his PADD. “I know you’re not reading one of the books I downloaded for you.”

Glover sheepishly shrugged, “Okay, I admit. It was just the latest status report I had to go over.”

“That’s what Commander Konall is there for,” Dryer said, “And you know that man’s blood would curdle at the thought of taking shore leave.”

Terrence couldn’t help but laugh. He had been frightened that he had lost Konall too, but typical of his warrior’s ilk, the man had proved quite resilient. He had made his intentions to stay aboard Cuffe and oversee the repairs loud and unfortunately not completely spittle free. “You might be right. I sure hope Chief Hwang hasn’t stuffed him into a plasma tank yet.”

He could only shake his head, imagining the rows occurring between the two strong willed officers. “I wonder what Chief O’Brien’s crew must be thinking.” He asked, imagining the startled looks on the Deep Space Nine engineering crew that Ben had dispatched to help speed up repairs.

“I just hope they know when to duck,” Dryer chuckled. Terrence joined her.

“Okay,” he said, putting down the PADD, “We’ll go up to DS9. I wouldn’t mind stopping by to see Ben and Jake.” With all of the work going into repairing Cuffe and the shore leave he wanted to spend with Dryer, Terrence hadn’t found much time for Ben. He knew deep down that was partly on purpose. Even though he had forgiven his friend, mostly, he could never forget what had happened between them.

Glover still had serious doubts about the true culprits behind the Borg attacks on Helophis and Zubrin, and though his views hadn’t gotten any support from Starfleet Command, it hadn’t mollified his skepticism. It would always be there in the back of his mind and he blamed Sisko’s inaction for the drone’s destruction which left that question unanswered.

And if he dwelled on that niggling mystery, and let it metastasize it could destroy their friendship. Terrence had finally resolved to not let the recent distance between them become a chasm. The captain stood up and stretched, mimicking Dryer from a few minutes ago. The nubile woman left her pool chair as well.

“And I want to get in on some dabo action,” Nyota rubbed her hands expectantly.

“You and Dr. Lage, what am I going to do with either of you?” The captain shook his head. He was learning, courtesy of Nyota, that the assistant medical officer was quite the gamester.

“I hope that was a strictly innocent question,” Dryer regarded him with a squinty eye.

“Oh, come on!” Glover threw up his hands, his cheeks warming. “I didn’t mean something like that!”

Nyota tapped his arm lightly, chuckling all the while. “Got you!”

“Very funny,” Terrence huffed.

“If only you had seen the look on your face,” Dryer smiled. “Like a kid caught red handed in the cookie jar. Very cute.”

“I’ve got your cute right here,” Glover said, wrapping the woman in quick embrace, before he swept her into his arms. Nyota playfully pounded on his bare chest.

“You put me down this instance Terrence!” She squealed.

“After you’ve had a drink,” He said, dropping her into the pool. He dived in right after.

“If you weren’t so handsome and my commanding officer,” Nyota promised. Terrence wrapped her into his arms.

“You look even better dripping wet,” he whispered into her ear before nibbling the lobe. Nyota scrunched her neck and purred.

“You know that’s my spot,” she breathed, “you are so bad.”

“Are you sure a little workout wouldn’t get those neurons pumping for a long night of dabo?”

“I guess a girl is entitled to change her mind every now and then right?” Nyota smirked.

“You’ll get no complaints from me,” Terrence grinned. “DS9 can wait,” he said before cradling the woman and pulling her under. Glover knew that when they came back up for oxygen, that both the station and his friend would still be there.


************************************************** ****************
I wanted to thank everyone who read and also who commented on this story. It was a long time in coming, this Sisko v. The Borg story, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I wanted to thank my fellow UT writer DavidFalkayn for his creation of Nyota Dryer and for him allowing me to use her for several my stories. I also wanted to thank another UT colleague, Gibraltar, for creating Admiral Salk.

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