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Re: Latest Gay Celebrity Outing

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sidious618 wrote:
Listen, if people on this board keep telling you that you're coming across in a certain way, and people DO keep telling you that, then you're going to need to learn that this means, in all likelihood, that the problem is you, not everyone else. A crucial lesson that social interaction teaches is that if everyone clashes with you then it's likely not everyone else's fault.
I don't give a toss if a thousand people log in and call me a homophobe. You're being bang out of order, and are openly justifying your actions by your position in a supposed majority. It's unsettling in its thoughtlessness.
You don't seem to get it, do you? If people are constantly fighting with you then it's not "majority abuse" but likely because you're coming across badly. It's not your opinions; it's the way you express them. You're openly hostile and antagonistic when you talk about homosexuals and, really, any group/person that you don't like. This is why people keep clashing with you. Stop trying to blame everyone else and consider how you might come across in a different way and everything will go swimmingly.
We've met before, haven't we?
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