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Re: Old Star Trek TOS DVD's

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As is I see great detail in costuming and sets as well as good colour. What do I need to see even more production shortfalls in HD for? And considering I have seen TOS-R in HD I know I'm not missing anything. I don't need the extra resolution and I don't need cartoony f/x to support the already great storytelling.
That's a slightly odd position to take. I went TOS Blu-ray and never looked back.
1. I see more detail with better contrast and nicely saturated colors, which all leads up to a TOS presentation that's better than ever before. I don't think it hurts things at all.
I'd like to see as much of the detail of the original 35mm film as we can get.

2. TOS-R on BD does not mean you have to see the new CGI, you can choose the old effects, so again best of both worlds there.
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