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Re: I just started watching 'Twin Peaks' and I'm hooked.

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Well I finally wrapped up the Laura Palmer storyline...or at least discovered who killed her. For all I know there are still a few episodes dealing with that aftermath.

I'm also interested to hear that this was the shows biggest strength and also it's downfall. Seems people tuned out once it was revealed who killer her? As if that was what all the show was about.

Anyways, as I said uphtread, I intend to finish out the series, there are still a lot of interesting plot-lines running, and I'm hoping some of those get resolution as well. Plus I love seeing Lynch show up as Cooper's superior, and know he returns some more.
There are still a few episodes dealing with the aftermath as you have surmised, and they are excellent. You'll know when you reach the new era of the series. There is an pretty solid conclusion and You will feel like that could have easily been the end. I'm glad it continued.

Nice to hear you will be finishing. There are serious rough patches but the rewards for sticking with it are very great.

That episode you just watched with the revelation of the killer is amazing. The last scene at the Roadhouse is beautiful.
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