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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

It must have been Kirk's responsibility to check whether the system was safe to abandon Federation citizens there (interesting legal question concerning Khan & company). Apparently it wasn't and practically Kirk had condamned them to death.
I doubt a check would have revealed anything amiss... "Exploding planets" sounds like one of the more unpredictable events in the Trek universe, considering we never heard of such a thing in the other couple of hundred hours of Star Trek.

Probably Kirk would have become the scapegoat to blame the loss for.
Well, Chekov sounds a more likely candidate there. He's an officer from the lost ship, and he knew about Khan and, as far as we know, was the navigator who took Kirk's ship to the place of marooning originally.

Violation of General Order 12
Since we don't know what GO 12 says, we don't know whether Kirk violated it. Saavik may have done the quoting because Kirk was slow to take the necessary measures (but did take them eventually, and in time), or because Kirk was not following the recommendations Saavik found relevant (but was at liberty to do so). Or perhaps even because she thought Kirk was taking too aggressive a stance!

Mutara Sector losses: Regula lab scientists, engineering crew of USS Reliant, several crew members of USS Enterprise, USS Reliant
Kirk's career didn't end with the very similar casualties in "Doomsday Machine". Casualties as such mean little; culpability issues would be paramount. And Kirk causing all the carnage by failing to behead Khan originally isn't a charge that would go down well in court.

Incidentally, what's with the "engineering crew of the Reliant" bit? Do we have a reason to think those weren't Khan's own men?

On the other hand, perhaps the entire crew of the ship was killed, like suggested in certain novels? We only have Terrell's word that Khan "marooned" them; it's rather more likely that all were executed for convenience, and Terrell was merely trying to distract Kirk.

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