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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Linkara did a "review" of it which mostly him ranting but he points something out that I think makes the point clearly, there's a shot in Avengers where the camera pans around our heroes readying for the next round of their battle. The music is loud and bombastic, the colors bright and vivid these LOOK like heroes and they're about to reveal all of their splendor to the world in all of their awesome. Superman vastly lacked that.
Well yeah, but Avengers told more of a standard kind of superhero story, with the usual big "superhero moments" and room for the characters to strike cool and dramatic poses.

MOS was presented more as an intense, documentary-style alien invasion movie where the camera was simply recording events on the ground as they happened. Here, Superman was too busy surviving and battling the kryptonians to stop and look cool for the camera.

And even so, there was still a general sense of awe and wonder that followed the character throughout, I thought. Which was all I really needed.
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