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Re: Alternate History Movie Casting

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I'd like to have seen George Lazenby remain as James Bond in Diamonds are Forever and through the Moore era. He could have played a vengeful 007 hunting down Blofeld in DAF and would have been still relatively young had he remained in the role until the mid-1980s.
George Lazenby was misled by a terrible agent who felt the Bond franchise was dying (but to be fair it was in bad shape when a surprisingly old looking Sean Connery starred in a relatively low rent looking Diamonds Are Forever).

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with an actor who could sound English. Maybe Mel Gibson, if no actual Brit was available?
Actually Kevin Costner wanted to speak with a British accent, but for some reason the director and producers vetoed it.

A Bryan Singer-directed X-Men 3.
Things started going wrong with the X-Men movie franchise when he slunk off to direct the somewhat underwhelming (from what I've heard) Superman Returns. But The Last Stand was still better than the utterly abominable Wolverine (which had some of the worse CGI for a big budget movie ever, that looked as cheap and shoddy as the SFX used in the last two 1980s Superman sequels).
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