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Re: Watching Trek...Higher Than A Kite!

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I didn't smoke a joint until I was 26, now those numbers are reversed, so I have to catch up on it for all those times I missed. I first had the opportunity when I was 19 or 20, but I was so paranoid I was convinced the cops would be breaking down the door as soon as I lit up.

Edit: And that first joint was in a Christmas card, after someone I worked with found out the wife and I had never gotten high. We tried it in bed. It worked very well.
A positive drug story who would have thought!

I tried to watch TNG baked but I got very aware that I was watching somethign from the late 80s and early 90s and it seemed like my willing suspension of disbelief went out the window!

For me the only series I can really watch is TOS in that state. Even when it's scary there is still a positive 60s look and feel to it which is so very cheerful you know? It permiates every fiber and is such a product of it's time!
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