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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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What someone needs to do is come up with something like this:

The more official the better. It'll give us a good understanding of how the ship looks like inside.

Incidentally, I think that shows how it cannot possibly be only strictly 2 decks tall at the rim. The old Connie could barely squeeze in 2 decks there

Doug Drexler cheated when he made that - he scaled the old Enterprise up quite a bit to fit everything inside.

Matt Jeffries designed the old Enterprise to have 20 decks, as can be seen on the cutaway in The Making of Star Trek (and this version by Shaw - CLICK) - but for some reason, Gene Roddenberry decided there were 23. Franz Joseph, tasked with creating complete Enterprise floorplans (online here: CLICK) squeezed in these extra decks by trimming two feet from each, making the decks on his version of the ship shorter than the 9ft+ TOS sets.
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