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Re: Star trek: Continues Fan Series

I would also say that Phase II is a production of great people, who, for 10 years, have had fun making great fan films. The fact that many of the Starship Ajax crew has come over and helped out on the last production, and that James Cawley has opened his doors to Star Trek: Axanar shows that fan productions can get along with each other.

In fact, having also worked with Craig from Star Trek: Secret Voyage, and being friends with John Broughton at Starship Farragut, who has helped me as we work through costuming on Axanar, I think that is the norm in Fan Films.

We all are part of this Facebook group.

And frankly, when someone points out someone who is attacking a fellow production, we shouldn't be killing the messenger. Maybe the displeasure should be placed where it belongs.

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