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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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Do you have a particular vision for how the transwarp drive would be a modular unit? Seems to kind of defy the notion of a warp core as we know it... or even the intermix chamber of TMP.
Damnit, I'm a deck plan designer, not a transwarp engineer!

Might have something to do with tapping into the main navigational deflector or the creation of exotic energy. We'd first have to figure out the defining characteristic of "tranwarp". Can't TNG's "Descent" provide some clues?

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In my TM writeup, I sort of concluded that Admiral Morrow had it out a bit for the Enterprise (because he was making his legacy in the Excelsior) and that Kirk and Styles were rivals from the Academy.
Possible, but Styles was an egotistic prick and everybody would have been his rival Frankly, I think that guy was a loose cannon, totally unqualified for any high-profile diplomatic mission and Starfleet was in desperate need to give this guy an assignment where he couldn't do harm. Testing the Excelsior for performance would qualify as such, IMO.

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Odd little tidbit. I shall have to work that into my TM. I trust you won't let me forget it?
Do or do not. Just bear in mind that there is a high probability that German fans like Bernd Schneider, Tobias Richter and others would instinctively notice the absence of the name of the ship's designer "Thorndike".
I do not know from where "Berliner Synchron Wenzel Lüdecke" got the idea to use this name in the dubbing to identify the Excelsior Class designer. But there is some odd coincidence that we do have an Excelsior Class Berlin (NCC-14232). In a manner of speaking there is a connection Thorndike-Berlin-Excelsior Class.

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I always assumed that took place on Earth.
The movie suggests your assumption is right, looks like you missed my comment while writing yours.

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