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Re: Moffat Talks 13th, sorry, 12th Doctor

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While that explanation does make sense, it doesn't really explain Madame Kovarian's attitude towards the Doctor or why she describes her conflict with him as an "endless, bitter war." Killing him to prevent a tragedy? Sure, I get that. But why do they treat him like a villain?
I thought that was clear enough -- because all the warmongers and conquerors and tyrants that the Doctor fights see themselves as the good guys. They believe they're perfectly in the right to do the things they do, and that the Doctor is a monster for killing so many of their people and constantly thwarting their plans.

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Why is everyone confused about this?
50th is Smith.

Christmas, he will regenerate into Capaldi, I'm hoping more towards the end, almost like End of Time, maybe a little earlier, like to finish whatever 11 is in the middle of saving.
What do you mean, "everyone?" Only one person here is questioning that.
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