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Re: Moffat Talks 13th, sorry, 12th Doctor

RoJoHen wrote: View Post
Because I am big fan of "full circle" storytelling, I would love it it Smith's regeneration scene involved him laying on a table, dying, turning to Clara and saying, "Run, you clever girl, and remember me." REGENERATION EXPLOSION!!!!
Actually, those would be good final words for Matt Smith to Clara.
Emperor-Tiberius wrote: View Post
What I'd like, is a frickin explanation for the Silence and why have they bothered the Eleventh Doctor for as long as they did. The Daleks would be lovely to have been involved, but given how badly they've been portrayed in Moffat's run, I'd rather they didn't appear.
Good point, since Moffat has produced what are probably the worst Dalek stories of all time. And yeah, I'd prefer another appearance from the silence. They are good monsters, and I'd like a full and sensible explanation for why they've bothered the doctor for pretty much his entire eleventh incarnation.
Photoman15 wrote: View Post
Why is everyone confused about this?
50th is Smith.

Christmas, he will regenerate into Capaldi, I'm hoping more towards the end, almost like End of Time, maybe a little earlier, like to finish whatever 11 is in the middle of saving.
Yeah, it would be a nice change to see a new doctor do more than just say a couple of lines. Plus we'll have a bloody long wait until we next see Capaldi. The doctor usually regenerates after an adventure, and at a few known times, he has regenerated before an adventure (Time & the Rani and the Enemy Within), but never in the middle or even before the end of a story.
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