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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

refit Enterprise - dockyard is departure point for maiden voyage and test flight
Only because she was in an exceptional hurry. The box docks could well be for repair work only, and starships would extremely seldom visit those, whereas routine crew rotation and the like would often involve Spacedock-like facilities (except in deep space where it would involve K-7 lookalikes).
Enterprise-B - dockyard is departure point for maiden voyage and test flight
A ceremonial launch and a pleasure cruise only. After that, the ship would probably return to the box dock for months of further fitting (or at least until next Tuesday), and then receive full crew and reach the stage at which NX-2000 was when Kirk got home from Genesis.

Excelsior however sits in Earth Spacedock to prepare for her maiden voyage and test flight.
No indication that she wouldn't have been on her maiden voyage months or years ago already. Only that she hasn't been testing transwarp under the command of Styles yet, at least not at such levels as to threaten the standing speed records.

It's also interesting to note that neither Kirk or Spock found it odd, that 400 crew members went to the lower decks and got trapped below this engine room.
Hmm. Why "below"? It's not in the dialogue anywhere. The prisoners are "below" only from the viewpoints of the bridge and the armory...

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