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Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

kimc said:
insert_name_here said:
Well I watched the video and while it's good, it's really hard not to keeping on expecting A/R to pop in the vid. J/C needed their own theme song really
I didn't realize A/R had their own theme. I always though Sarah McLaughlin's "Possession" would make a great J/C theme song. I haven't seen a video to it yet. <hint, hint>
Funny enough I once had the idea to do a J/C vid to that song. I haven't made a vid of anything in ages though.
And yeah Roslin and Adama have an official theme. it's the music played in Ressurection ship parts 1 and 2. One of my friends wrote to Bear McCreary who does the music and asked him what they were going to call the Roslin and Adama music and he ended up calling it "Roslin and Adama" (it's on the season 2 soundtrack, out now). The guy had a concert of all the his music and he said that "Roslin and Adama" was the show's only love theme and in the concert the lady that did the haunting lyrics to other BSG tracks wrote a love song to go along with the music

I wish they would put that out on CD too.
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