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Re: Art Bell returning to (Satellite) Radio!

I don't have anything against George Noory, but Art's voice was always more pleasing to me. He was also rather spooked by the sovereign citizen movement, and the militia types. People remember him for the 'cut-off caller" but I remember him talking about a letter someone got from his "patriot accuser."

He also once opined about how religious gun nuts would shoot an alien if one ever landed, making their minds up that it was a demon.

George lets the young-earther types like what Art railed against ramble on without challenging them. McCanney is a faker in calling comets anything but dirty iceballs.

I'm a skeptic on all these matters, myself, but the one thing I hold against them was how they all but blamed Art on the Heaven's Gate cult deaths. (aka Brain Scratch from BeBop).

Art and Strieber of all people debunked the Hale Bopp UFO photo deal with an interview with an astronomer from Hawaii who had the original photo. As it turned out, it was the comet itself that the cult saw as a symbol, even after the UFO photo was questioned.

I don't get sat-radio, as I'm poor as dirt.
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