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Re: Why do some people so passionately hate Rod Roddenberry?

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^^^ Exactly.

I think the other reason I never "hated" Rod Roddenberry, is that I never fully drank his daddy's koolaide. Yes, I truly enjoy the show. Yes, I have all the episodes on DVD (except Voyager ). Yes, I've made my own uniforms and gone to cons when I was younger (I refuse to call it cosplay!) But I'm also far too jaded and cynical to believe that Gene's vision of humanity in the future is nothing more than a pleasant fiction. I have never lived and breathed by his utopian vision and, therefore, not insulted when people take shots at the man and --GASP-- tell stories of a fallible human being who had his ups and downs, just like everyone else.
It's interesting how two people can come from very different viewpoints and arrive at the same place.

While I don't consider myself a "kool-aid" drinker (although I know exactly the kind of person you are speaking of) I do indeed live and breathe the vision of Star Trek (which I don't view as a true utopia but that's a discussion for another thread). However I have never felt upset by revelations of the true nature of Gene Roddennberry or anyone else involved in Trek, in fact the opposite I seek out such tales because to me the glorious future posited by Trek is all the more amazing for coming from fragile, fallible, fucked up human beings. That we can have greed, and licentiousness, and rage in our hearts and still dream of a day when we have grown past being so easily warped by such things is part of why I love Trek and why I cling to it as one of the few rational myths in existence.

Ultimately I think when it comes to Gene, Bloom County may have said it best...

"He was a sonuvabitch... For which we loved him like a brother!"
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