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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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Is Affleck going to be Nolan-verse Bruce Wayne who somehow came out of retirement because JGL messed up?
No, its not the same 'verse. This was discussed at length when the film was announced.

Gaith wrote:
Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and be that guy: where was he during the Metropolis battle, then? He couldn't hop in a Bat-Plane and help out? And when Clark showed up at the military base, are we really supposed to believe no one mentioned that other cape-and-costume-wearing guy, or did those mentions just oh-so-conveniently happen off-screen?
He was busy. Major shit was going down in Gotham. (Same excuse they've used in comics for decades)

A bunch of people mentioned it, as you surmised, off camera.
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Okay, I'm biased since I wrote the novelization, but I never had a problem with Affleck as Matt Murdock. And he's been good in films as diverse as CHASING AMY, ARGO, and SHAKESPEARE
And seeing as you also wrote the novelisation of the last Batman movie, I'm inclined to trust your judgement. (Though I also liked DD and was also in the pro-Affleck camp anyway)
One thing that Affleck does have going for him is that he knows the character from the comic books. He's actually read them and not just says he has.
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