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Re: The least disliked episode of VOY - Final Round

Eye of the Needle. It might have been a little too soon to dangle a carrot like this. Though I did enjoy seeing more of Vaughn Armstrong's face; I'd been wondering what he looked like ever since TNG: Heart of Glory. As an aside, we had so much trouble keeping the lists straight due to cross posts, this one's probably going to be worse.

Phage - 1
Eye of the Needle - 1
Death Wish - 1
Meld - 1
Worst Case Scenario - 0
Future's End II - 0
Living Witness - 0
Prey - 0
Timeless - 1
Counterpoint - 0
Life Line - 1
Blink of an Eye - 0
Body and Soul - 0
Critical Care - 0
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