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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness Honest Trailer

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The trailer is exactly what a lot of the film's critics had hoped to hit on and its also exactly what all interviews given to the cast about the film have completely utterly failed to bring up. I really hope Pegg and the rest of the cast see this and realize that criticism =/= blind hatred.
I'm sure they realize that perfectly well without needing a parody trailer to tell them. (Yes, the "honest trailer" does have some valid points, but you might agree that it also goes on far longer than needed. Once the point is made, move on; beating it to death serves no useful purpose.)

Pegg's remarks, on the other hand, were directed specifically at the Badass Digest poll, which I believe reports since have acknowledged had been fudged to yield a predetermined result. Even if Devin Faraci didn't already have a certain reputation for dubious handling of the facts, this supposed poll was a lot like one of those "rank your favorite series" threads in GTD, where People Who Think They're Cute respond:
1. TNG
2. DS9
3. TOS
4. TAS
10. ENT
99. VOY
In other words, it was never intended to be a credible poll; from the outset it was a deliberate insult dressed up in a journalism costume. That it was uncritically reprinted far and wide (as if it had any value at all) had to be more galling than the insult itself.

Would Pegg have done better simply to blow it off and offer no response? Almost certainly, but I don't think that representing his response as the reaction of someone who's mistaken valid criticism for "blind hatred" is really any more fair or honest than what Faraci did.

Is it?
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