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Re: The Reality of Star Trek

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Gene Roddenberry (who also didn't understand the symbolic meaning of Eucharist and assumed this to be a cannibalistic ritual).
I guess you never heard of sarcasm.
How, I'm practicing it all the time when I meet people I feel to be deliberately mean.

But the one thing I don't have to guess is that it's obvious you did not know the context of that statement and were just trying to be - sarcastic

"It was Communion time where you eat this wafer and you are eating the body of Christ and drinking His blood. My first impression was "Jesus Christ! This is a bunch of cannibals they've put me down among!" For some time I puzzled over this and puzzled over why they were saying these things, because the connection between what they were saying and reality was very tenuous. How the hell did Jesus become something to be eaten?"

Star Trek Creator by David Alexander (introduction by Majel Barrett Roddenberry), page 37

Gene Roddenbery continues how this was the crucial point in his life that made it "clear" to him "that religion was largely nonsense."

Obviously symbolism was a concept completely alien to him, therefore I find this kind of hilarious misinterpretation rather sad.

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