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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox - DVD
Before Sunrise - Encore on Demand
The Way, Way Back - free admission
Turbo 2D - free admission
The Smurfs 2 3D - free admission
The Sitter - HBO on Demand
Mean Girls - Showtime on Demand
Carnage - Starz on Demand
Ghost Story of Yotsuya- free admission
Ghost Cat of Otama Pond- free admission
Trainspotting - free admission
Charlie Bartlett - Netflix Instant
Pitch Black: Unrated Director's Cut - bluray
The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury - DVD
The Chronicles of Riddick - bluray
The Canyons - free admission
The Chronicles of Riddick: Unrated Director's Cut - bluray
The Act of Killing - free admission
Flesh Pier - free admission
The Horizon Glitters - free admission
Adjust Your Tracking - free admission
Planes 2D - free admission
2 Guns - free admission
Elysium - free admission
Kick-Ass 2 - free admission
Five Easy Pieces - free admission
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters 2D - free admission
Jobs - free admission
Paranoia- free admission
Lee Daniels' The Butler - free admission
We're the Millers - free admission
Blue Jasmine - free admission
Clear History - HBO
The Apparition - HBO

Hung out at the motel yesterday, watched a couple of movies on HBO and napped a lot.

Clear History was about a guy (Larry David) who ridicules the idea of an electric car model named "the Howard" and refuses to be a part of its marketin'. So, he resigns...and the Howard becomes a huge success and David's character changes his name and hides out in Martha's Vineyard for a decade. When the creator of the Howard (Jon Hamm) comes to M'sV, David begins to plot his revenge.

Really good cast that included Eve Mendes, Michael Keaton, and Kate Hudson, but the movie was off the wall stupid, especially Larry David's rants, which reminded me of why I don't like Seinfeld and never watched his series on HBO.

Followed that up with The Apparition, which suggests that if ya don't believe in ghosts, you can't be hurt by ghosts, even if the ghosts are doin' everything they can to make ya believe in 'em so they can kill ya and stuff.

Terrible freakin' movie.

And if ya watch the trailer, they include the last scene of the movie in it, which makes no sense at all.
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