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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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People are already doing manips (from eyesskyward):

I do hope they go with a better Batsuit and Batmobile this time. This pic. looks good, I want to see a Batsuit where I can recognize the Batsymbol.

I'm wondering what Kevin Smith has to say about this?
The Batsuit and the Batmobile are very crucial to get right. A grown man in a Batsuit can look silly if not done right. I am sure they will select a suit that goes with Superman's suit.
Didn't one of the recent animated movies have a really cool Batmobile? In the new 52, doesn't he have a shit load of Batmobiles? I hope the Suit is not overly detailed and I hope it's grey this time and not black. Maybe some kind of armor similar to Captain America in the first movie.
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