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The least disliked episode of VOY - Final Round

Here we have the winners and runners up of each season:

S1: Phage
Wild Card: Eye of the Needle
S2: Death Wish
Wild Card: Meld
S3: Worst Case Scenario
Wild Card: Future's End II
S4: Living Witness
Wild Card: Prey
S5: Timeless
Wild Card: Counterpoint
S6: Life Line
Wild Card: Blink of an Eye
S7: Body and Soul
Wild Card: Critical Care

So now it is time for the final part.


Give what you consider to be the worst/your least favourite episode ONE point, and briefly explain WHY. Be sure to copy and paste the list with your point added. When an episode reaches 4 points, it is eliminated. Then a NEW round begins (in this thread) with the numbers restored to 0. Vote ONCE per round. And enjoy!

Phage - 0
Eye of the Needle - 0
Death Wish - 0
Meld - 0
Worst Case Scenario - 0
Future's End II - 0
Living Witness - 0
Meld - 0
Timeless - 0
Counterpoint - 0
Life Line - 0
Blink of an Eye - 0
Body and Soul - 0
Critical Care - 0
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