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Re: Yeoman Tonia Barrows

Basically the first season 'bible' had Rand as a regular.

So there were episodes in the pipeline that were written with Rand in mind. When she left the show they simply crossed out her name in the scripts and had a 'yeoman of the week'

By production order Rand's last episode was #13 "Conscience..."
#14 was Galileo--featuring a one-shot yeoman
#17 was Shore Leave--featuring a one shot yeoman
#18 was Squire --------featuring a one-shot yeoman
#22 was A Taste of----featuring a one shot yeoman

I've also heard that 'Dagger' was originally written for Rand, coming along as just a yeoman rather than 'specialist in criminology' but they were already having 2nd thoughts about the ongoing relationship. The episode refers to the previous 'Christmas party'--which seems like it would be more of a Rand type reference.

at any rate, it seems that after Whitney left and the scripts in the 'pipeline' were filled with other yeomen--they decided the position was reaaly not needed.

How many times after "A Taste of..." did yeomen have speaking roles in the series? 5?

After having yeomen with speaking parts in 14 of the first 22 episodes (including Yeoman's Colt and Smith in the pilots.)
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