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Re: Voth vs. the Borg

As a race somewhat more advanced than the Federation combined tech level, it would make sense that the Voth would be of interest to the Borg, in respect to the fact that due to their tech level the Voth may be a potential threat to the Borg, even if the Borg already have all the Voth tech (or equivalent). Since the Borg go about assimilating whole races, not just a few notable individuals and some tech, it is surprising (possibly due to bad writing) that any highly advanced species exist in the DQ, for example Hirogen, Devore and 'The Hierarchy' and had not been wiped out.

Given that the Voth had been in that area of space for so long, and had not formed a massive empire or colonial nation strikes as odd, unless of course, the Voth ship/ fleet was pretty much all that was left of them, after having been given a whipping by the Borg - and that the city ship was 'on the run'.
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