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Re: Scaling the Excelsior Filming Model

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I'd argue that Spacedock Earth is exclusively for embarkation and disembarkation - the equivalent of a commercial airport, only in orbit. ... . That the Excelsior is there is a sign that all work on her has been brought to completion and she's ready to embark on test flights.
Thanks, that was the argument I missed: Since when are test flights conducted from commercial airports?
  • refit Enterprise - dockyard is departure point for maiden voyage and test flight
  • Enterprise-B - dockyard is departure point for maiden voyage and test flight
Excelsior however sits in Earth Spacedock to prepare for her maiden voyage and test flight. Odd!

@ Workbee

I'd say that "Day of the Dove" answers some of your questions. According to the alien entity's exit point in TOS one engine room was at the center of the engineering hull near the bow.

It's also interesting to note that neither Kirk or Spock found it odd, that 400 crew members went to the lower decks and got trapped below this engine room. Looks like there should be plenty of labs and workplaces down below which I hope to be able to illustrate in one of the next stages of my TOS Enterprise deck plan project.


Addendum: I should state that the Excelsior's designer name I mentioned in my little conjectural speech ("Thorndike") is not entirely conjectural.

I thought his name was mentioned by Uhura in ST III when she sees the Excelsior.
As it turns out the name is an invention of the movie's German dubbing (instead of "will you look at that" the German Uhura said "Thorndike's idea").

Ain't that cool, now we also know the name of the Excelsior's designer!
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