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Re: Yeoman Tonia Barrows

She was liked by Justman but Coon did not care for the flirtation between her and McCoy and didn't want to explain the "implied relationship" in future episodes; so she was not asked back. Coon felt that the director Sparr pushed the relationship too far.

"Justman told Coon that he was "particularly impressed" with the work of Bruce Mars and Emily Banks, as Finnegan and Yeoman Barrows. He felt that Barrows, in particular came off as a person that people would like to see again and the rapport between her and McCoy should be explored in future episodes.

Emily Banks in a 2012 interview said "They said something about bringing me back, but then they never did anything about it. So that was that . . . "

Source is the much debated "These are the Voyages" book
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