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So is [SPOILER] really a copy?

I've been hearing all that the death scene in Into Darkness is a blatant ripoff/ copy paste/rape of my childhood of The Wrath of Khan scene. Now, here's some words before the videos, I prefer the WOK scene because I have more connection with Shatner and Nimoy, I've known them before I knew Pine and Quinto. There are indeed similarities, obviously, because they were going for a re-imagining of that iconic scene (and in my opinion, they did it fantastically) and there is nothing wrong with that in any way. Because as we know in literature and film and music and entertainment in general, some of the best things are people taking an idea and making their own. People harp about being "original" but in reality it's almost impossible.

So anyway, for your viewing and critical pleasure, here are the two videos:

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