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Two years ago I completed my goal to run a full marathon. I haven't done a damn thing since. My wife and I had our second baby and I was just too tired to do anything after work. Now that she is two and a little more self sufficient I decided to train for the Outer Banks Marathon in November. The training has been kicking my ass and I'm finding it hard and frustrating that my body isn't responding the way it did two years ago.

The hardest thing is reteaching myself the mental toughness I had when I trained for the first marathon. Back then I refused to walk during my training runs. Now, I feel that it is no big deal to walk for a few minutes to catch my breath. I will say that the cooler weather has helped. I went for a ten miler last monday and finally caught that elusive "runners high." It did wonders for my confidence though I am a little intimidated by the looming 12 mile run I have this weekend.
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