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I really wish they hadn't spoiled that "John Harrison" was an alias prior to release.
That was bad marketing.

I preferred it when he was John Harrison. They could have kept the augment angle: Make him a new generation cooked up by Marcus based on Khan and his people DNA; had him be a follower of Khan--if we had to have Khan in the movie--with Khan being one of the people in the torpedo. Or just cut Khan out beyond: Section 31 restarted the augment program, the research that made Khan was the master template that they "improved on"; Harrison is pissed at being used and is out to kick everyone's ass--maybe driven batty by the whole "superior genes breeds superior ambition" side of the process.
I would've enjoyed seeing this sort of storyline a whole lot more. The whole point of Nu-Trek was to reboot in a different timeline thus opening up the possibility of being similar to the already-made incarnations without having to recycle the storylines.

What better way to show you're really in a DIFFERENT universe than to take the most iconic and pivotal villain in the Prime universe and show he's not so central to this universe? If anything a universe without the Khan saga would truly send the message "THIS IS DIFFERENT... but we can still toss in homages you'll understand "
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