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Re: Never seen TOS scenes (revisit)...

The Enterprise takes an attack run at the planet killer.

Decker makes his suicide run.

Something I started to play with: the shuttlecraft maintenance deck under the familiar flight deck.

Hitting the galactic barrier.

Aerial chase.

Really explains Captain Christopher's WTF expression.

Warp slingshot around the sun.

A full flight deck.

I wish they'd kept Kirk's first season alternate tunic all the way through to the third season.

The series bridge with "The Cage" aesthetic.

We should have gotten to see a female starship Captain.

An alternate starship design.

Just one of the crew.

TAS' Commander Thelin is actually a Commodore in the real timeline.

What if the novel Spock Must Die! had been an episode.

Picard doing historical research on the holodeck (actually a never seen TNG scene).

And they thought there was only one. Scenes from the TNG novel Vendetta.

STAR TREK: 1964-1991, 2013-?

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