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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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And please, please explain to me how the bridge, atrium, shuttlebay and engine rooms are supposed to fit into a 366m ship. I asked you this before and you never replied.
Read my post immediately above this. Unlike some on this board, I have the ability to change my mind and decide that the length could be different than I previously thought. I'm willing to go to 400-450m. But 700+ is simply inane.
You're tripping over the "length" issue as if length is a proxy for size. It is not.

If you rearranged the ship so that the saucer and nacelles were directly above the secondary hull instead of slightly above it -- IOW, if you arranged Enterprise's parts like USS Grissom -- the ship would only be 290 meters long. That, to you, would be more reasonable?

At its current size, the Enterprise is a modular construct of four vessel components, each of which is the size of a large real-world naval vessel; if you took 3 Essex class aircraft carriers and welded them together and then added a couple of Saturn-V rockets to the side, you'd basically have the Enterprise.

For those who think the ship is really 700m long, take a walk that distance so that you can see the beginning and end points. Then look at how much space that would give. Then imagine you had to run/climb that distance because the power was out and turbolifts were inoperative. etc...
700 meters is a little less than half a mile: or about four city blocks. Also known as "the distance between my dorm and the Literary History class I totally overslept for." I am VERY familiar with the length of that run: you'd be surprised how quickly a person can cover that distance with enough motivation.

More importantly, much of that 700 meters is the extension of the nacelles beyond the secondary hull, without which the length is only about 500 meters. Most important of all: the distance from the brig to the engine room is FAR less than the distance from the bow to the stern, probably around 250 meters or less.

So how long would it take to run/climb through 250 meters of tumbling starship? Probably about as long as it would take for a starship on an impact trajectory to fall into Earth's atmosphere.
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