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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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I've brightened it up a bit so you can see things more clearly and outlined roughly where the corridor meets the saucer edge. As you can see, at least in this image, the saucer windows are not floor-to-ceiling like the bridge window. There's only room for two decks plus several feet of service space above and below.
Actually, it looks like there is a whole deck above the lighted one in this picture. There's a bit of space between the mid decks, and then room for another whole deck below the bottom (not visible here) deck. That would make it four decks deep in this case.

The windows aren't "floor to ceiling" but they're damn close. Almost as large as the windows in the Wheel Lounge in TFF, but a lot wider.

If you eliminate the service crawlways, you can squash three decks into the saucer, but then they don't line up with the windows at all.
Four line up nicely. Two window decks in middle, one above, one below.
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