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BillJ wrote:
I think constructive criticism of a movie can be great (there are a great many flaws in Into Darkness), but much of what I see in this forum isn't constructive. It's butt-hurt from people who aren't getting the Star Trek that they somehow feel that they deserve.
STID had a few entertaining elements and I did give it a more than fair grade of a "C-" in this poll. Too much of it was lackluster and undeveloped though for me to heap the excessive praise that lots on here give it. The script had the basic elements of a good movie, but it lacked any kind of structure or coherence. People rag on it for ripping off Wrath of Khan, but I thought it relied way too much on recycling the previous movie.

If Benedict Cumberbatch wasn't so great in this film, I'd possibly have given it a D. It's a series of promising set-pieces with very little holding them together.
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