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It's a movie. Some find it entertaining, others don't. Nothing more, nothing less.
Sorry, reality is a bit more complex than that. Some movies display a lack of originality and attempt to sell the audience rehash of better movies they've already seen; others don't.
I have two criteria for movies: Did it entertain me? Do I want to revisit it again? In my opinion, if you're looking at a movie for anything more than that, you're doing it wrong.

Star Trek Into Darkness entertained me and I want to see it again even though I've seen it four times in the theater. So I consider it a successful movie. If it didn't entertain you then you can say you didn't think it was successful.

I think constructive criticism of a movie can be great (there are a great many flaws in Into Darkness), but much of what I see in this forum isn't constructive. It's butt-hurt from people who aren't getting the Star Trek that they somehow feel that they deserve. Those people who are butt-hurt are simply trying to denigrate something that others enjoy because they haven't gotten their way.

Went to see The World's End last night with the wife who is a huge fan of Simon Pegg and the movies that he makes. I found myself staring at the ceiling, staring at the floor and pretty much twiddling my thumbs all the way through at the poor acting and bad dialogue (but then I'm not a great judge because I'm not really into British humor) but I'm not going to tear the movie down because it isn't something I wanted to see. Beyond making sure she enjoyed herself and maybe voting in a poll about it, I'll probably not think about it again until the inevitable Blu-ray that I'll have to view.

Same thing with Voyager. What exactly would I be proving by going in that forum and pissing on something that other folks enjoy?
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