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the ones that like it aren't bringing the film up in threads that have nothing to do with it or repeating the same debunked thing over and over again.
Actually there are a lot of cases where people who like it are going out of their way to bring it up over and over again and the ones who didn't like it are the ones responding. This is not a one-way street.

And its not really a discussion when one side keeps thinking their dislike of the films makes them a "real fan" and how anyone who doesn't agree is one of the "drooling masses"
This is a stereotype that represents an incredibly tiny portion of the people who had concerns over the film. There's no such thing as a "real" or "mass" fan, we're all fans or we wouldn't be here posting like proud Trek nerds. Concerns and criticism =/= mindless hate statements. There will always be extremists in any faction but judging the whole on a select few is wrong.

Plus at least the ones who like the films have seen the shows they're are based on. I have no idea what the guys who are complaining have watched but it sure as hell wasn't TOS.
Another generalized statement that bears little significance or meaning other than as a broad stereotypical statement. As Spock would say, its clear your emotions are clouding your judgement just as their emotions are clouding theirs.
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