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Must be horrible for you having to hear about people liking different things . For four years, no less.
Again I don't give two craps about what they like or don't like because their honestly not that important in the grand scheme of things.

I just want them to get that going on about it for 4 years is pathetic and frankly annoying as hell.
But spare a thought for the people who don't want to hear people going on about how good it is for another four years. What if they find that pathetic and annoying?

It's a discussion board. Sometimes you'll agree with people, sometimes you'll disagree. You'll almost certainly come across people you can't stand. It's just the way it is. ...Some things will never chaaange. ♪ ♫
the ones that like it aren't bringing the film up in threads that have nothing to do with it or repeating the same debunked thing over and over again.

And its not really a discussion when one side keeps thinking their dislike of the films makes them a "real fan" and how anyone who doesn't agree is one of the "drooling masses"

Plus at least the ones who like the films have seen the shows they're are based on. I have no idea what the guys who are complaining have watched but it sure as hell wasn't TOS.
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